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Must know

We are a vibrant, active and fast growing contributor focussed Free software community with a 48-month focus.

We are NOT a user group, LuG, or front-end for promoting proprietary MAFANGO technologies. Proprietary software advocacy is neither allowed nor tolerated.

Given our passion for creating and contributing to free software, our sessions are full of energy, start on time, get into depths and may go beyond the end time. We are done when the topic is done.

Types of Meetups

There are plenty of community meetups and sessions that are scheduled every month and sometimes attendees may get a bit overwhelmed.

Here is an overview of the type of meetup and the intended audience.

Meetup type Audience type
every Saturday meet Community members, Guest, Visitors
Build Fest Community members, Guest, Visitors
Code Fest Community members, Guest, -
Hack Fest Community members, Guest, -
Session series Community members, - , -


  • Use tools and technologies consistent with the community baseline
  • Use 'ArchLinux' with latest Linux kernel and initial-branch compiled software libraries and frameworks.
  • Should you chose to not align with the approach above, there is little value for you to attend the meets, fests or the sessions.

Should you attend

  • If you just had some queries and that's why you wanted to attend the sessions, your interests are best served by writing to the community mailing list,

  • the only reason why you'd like to attend the session is because you want to engage with the community AND align with the mission and technology baseline that the community uses.

  • your goal is to contribute to Free software and Free software community.


All our outreach program is currently focused on three pillars of the infrastructure software space.

Currently, we schedule the events on and this will change from year 2021 onwards.

Component Community Meetup URL
Kernel Environment GNU/Linux
Tools n Techniques DevSecOps
Data Engineering PostgreSQL


All are welcome. RSVP is a must and reflects your intent.

Please check Pre-requisites.

Right to admission is reserved !