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All Strikr free software community technology meets happen online thanks to Jitsi free software.

With the the power of websockets and real-time communication we are able to engage the community using

  • audio
  • video
  • screen sharing

you may connect using your Android phone and/or a browser on your system.

We strongly recommend connecting using both your phone (for audio) and your system (browser for screen sharing).


While connecting from your system, please visit the URL


we have tested with version 19.4.3 and 20.0.3 APK files.

You may download the APK files from


  • room: strikr
  • pass: agplv3 (for saturday meets)

Please note: password will be different for 'series' sessions and will be messaged or sent by email to selected attendees).


Need help ? have queries ? Please write to for further assistance.